Who We Are

We are Your Partner in Change.

Since 2001, we have been assisting many companies in developing our clients’ internal potentials to stay ahead of their competitor in national and international perspectives, by building and maintaining their reputation to earn public trust that will ensure business survival through this ever changing business environment.

Reputation is more than an image – it is a track record of long years of effort, thus it should be developed from within the company that enables them to be distinguished from competitors, attract supporters and create opportunities for growth.

At EGA briefings, we believe with the right strategic communication management, you can build and maintain your reputation and gain public trust. We assist our clients by analyzing the current situation and exploring the alternate solution to implement positive changes to the desired target.

At the end, we deliver recommendations to our clients to direct their own steps.

Why Us

We are unique in providing professional services to our clients as we focus on

  • assisting our clients to improve internal resources in organizing communication activities in the most effective way in developing the policies, strategy and tactics
  • helping our clients to change the mindset of public relations in a traditional way as a marketing tools such as promotion and publicity – to public relations as a strategic management function that empowers this function to achieve internal support, employee engagement, reputation and trust.
  • Improving our clients particularly the communication officers to speak with the language of business and management, rather than the process of communication alone.

EGA briefings is Your Partner in Change. We develop our clients from within.