What we do

Internal Communication Consulting

An advocacy to top and senior management on how to establish public relations department effectively. By finding the gap between management’s expectation and reality, resulting the synergy between communication and other management functions.

Communication Research

Data is vital for starting a project or evaluation. Through various types of research, we analyze the effectiveness of communication activities: the input, the output or the outcome that the management expect as a result of communication activities.

Strategic Communication Planning

Proper planning is essential for the success of any communication activities, as to not spend so much money and resources with unmeasureable result. Therefore a four-step approach is needed: research, action, communication and evaluation.

Training and Coaching

Training and Coaching is a process of facilitating an individual or group of clients to achieve optimum result of their work in communication. It develops the skills and competencies on certain communication aspects by exchanging information and giving alternate advice to get the maximum result. Our trainings are not limited to only in communication and public relations.

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