Strategic Communication for PR and Non-PR

– Empowering Communication to Increase Company Reputation and Public Trust –

When & Where

Jakarta, 26 – 27 October 2017
09:00 – 16:00

Venue: Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Thamrin

Investment Fee

Payment before 6 October 2017
Rp 4,500,000

Payment until 26 October 2017
Rp 5,400,000

All fees include: all sessions, digital paper, certificate, lunches & snacks

Course Description

Studies confirmed that Corporate Identity-Image-Reputation have significant impact on customer trust, which in turn affects customer loyalty and sales.

Having good Corporate Identity-Image-Reputation is not merely the responsibility of Corporate Communication or Public Relations Department, it is the responsibility of the entire organization. One of the way to accomplish this is through a well-planned strategic communication, where the whole departments work hand-in-hand to achieve the desirable Corporate Reputation.

In this course, participant will learn about:

  • Leadership Communication
  • Practical application of strategic communication
  • the Concept and Strategy in anticipating Risk and Reputation Management
  • Employee Engagement, Community Relations and CSR
  • Media dynamics and digital communication
  • Measuring ROI of communication activities through research

The course is intended to give broader understanding and empowering strategic communication as a company strategy rather than a department strategy from public relations perspective.

Who is it for?

  • Managers from various departments: Corporate Communication, Marketing and Sales, Finance, Human Resource, IT, Business Development, Investor Relations, Risk Management, Internal Department and any related departments in the company
  • SME business owners who want to empower strategic communication to generate better sales
  • Individuals who want to understand and apply public relations as a strategic management function

Benefit Attending

  • Increase the understanding on the conceptual application of public relations as a strategic management function
  • Increase the ability to develop communication strategies in that integrate HR, Marketing and Sales, Finance, Public Affairs and Business Development as a whole function of management
  • Increase the ability to measure the effectiveness of communication program in the corporate level, business level and function level

Program & Schedule

Day 1 | 09:30 – 17:00
Concept & Strategy

  • Leadership Communication
  • Empowering Strategic Communication in Corporate Strategy
  • Risk and Reputation Management

Day 2 | 09:00 – 16:30
Case Studies

  • Corporate Communication
  • Media Management
  • Measuring ROI through Research and Audit

In-house Training

Since 2001, we have been assisting many companies in developing our clients’ internal potential to stay ahead of their competitors. One of the way is through Training and Coaching, where it develops the skills and competencies on certain communication aspects by exchanging information and giving alternate advice to get the maximum result.

Are you thinking of having this course in your company or your group? Call Erika at +628158880272.

About Instructor

Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, Ph.D, FIPRA

Expert in Public Relations Management, Corporate Communication, Research and Communication Audit

Founding Director – EGA briefings
Program Coordinator – MM Communication, Trisakti University

Elizabeth is the only one figure in Indonesia who is consistent in developing public relations as a strategic management function. She has been rendering her professional services on public relations to government offices, multi-national companies and corporate world in form of counselling, consultancy and trainings for the last 20 years.

Elizabeth established EGA briefings in 2001, focusing on sharing the conceptual framework, strategies and tips on communication management, public relations as a strategic management function. She initiated Public Relations Week Indonesia in 2005-2014. Later, in 2012 this campaign then substantially and geographically elaborates into the International Public Relations Summit, being the premier public relations conference in the Asian region. She was elected as the President of International Public Relations Association in 2010, being the only Indonesian for that prestigious position. Since 2005, she is the coordinator of MM Communication at Trisakti University.

She strongly believes that only by understanding the Management’s perception on the core values of public relations as a strategic management function, thus public relations can work effectively in any organization.



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  • Venue

    Pullman Jakarta Indonesia
    Jalan M.H. Thamrin Kav. 59
    Tel: +6221 3192 1111
    Fax: +6221 3192 3333

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    Additional Room – please call Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Thamrin CBD for inquiries

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