Executive Program in Strategic Communication

– Empowering Strategic Communication to Increase Company Reputation and Gain Public Trust –

When & Where?

Coming soon March 2019
09:00 – 16:00

Venue: Jakarta / Bali

Investment Fee

Without invoice
Rp 8,500,000

With invoice
Rp 9,800,000

After course
Rp 11,200,000

All fees include: all sessions, digital paper, Executive Certificate in Strategic Communication, lunches & snacks

Course Description

One of the interests of every business is to gain profit, yet today’s business environment is more complex and complicated where competition is everywhere to win customer loyalty. Study confirmed that corporate Identity-Image-Reputation has significant impact on customer trust, which in turn affects customer loyalty.

However, many failed to realize that one of the key success factors of having a good reputation is a well-planned strategic communication for organization to have a mutual beneficial relationship, internally and externally. This is where the role of public relations comes in, where PR gurus worldwide defines public relations as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

Since 2009, EGA briefings develops an intensive course: Executive Program in Strategic Communication for companies wishing to establish and maintain their reputation in order to gain public trust, which in turn increase Return on Investment.

In this course, participant will learn about:

  • Leadership Communication, Corporate Culture and Change Management
  • Conceptual models and practical application of strategic communication
  • the Concept and Strategy in anticipating Risk and Reputation Management
  • Employee Engagement, Community Relations and CSR
  • New concept of media dynamics and digital communication
  • Measuring ROI of communication activities through research

Who is it for?

  • Corporate Executives and Senior Managers from Corporate Communication department
  • Professionals who want to deepen the understanding of public relations as a strategic management function

Benefit Attending

  • Increase the understanding on the conceptual application of public relations as a strategic management function
  • Develop strategic thinking in formulating strategic communications in managerial context
  • Increase the effectiveness in handling corporate communication issues and activities in various stakeholders: internally and externally
  • Increase the ability to develop communication strategies through better skills and confidence in the ever changing environment in media dynamics
  • Able to measure the effectiveness of the program resulting in a measureable financial and non-financial contribution to the bottom line of the organization

Program & Schedule

Day 1 | 09.00 – 16.30

  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Strategic Communication Management
  • Risk, Issue, Crisis and Reputation
  • Measurement, Research and Audit

Day 2 | 08.30 – 16.30

  • Corporate Communication
  • Risk, Issue, Crisis and Reputation Management
  • Media Management
  • Campaign and Event Management

Day 3 | 08.30 – lunch time

  • Simulation in strategic communication
  • Simulation in critical situation


Since 2001, we have been assisting many companies in developing our clients’ internal potential to stay ahead of their competitors. One of the way is through Training and Coaching, where it develops the skills and competencies on certain communication aspects by exchanging information and giving alternate advice to get the maximum result.

Are you thinking of having this course in your company or your group? Call Erika at +628158880272.


About Instructors

Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto Ph.D, FIPRA

Founding Director – EGA briefings
Program Coordinator – MM Communication, Trisakti University
> Public Relations Management, Corporate Communication, Research and Communication Audit

Arif Budisusilo, MM

Operation Director – Bisnis Indonesia
> Media Relations, Social Media

Is Nugroho, MHRM

Senior Lecturer – MM Communication, Trisakti University
> Public Relations, Human Resource Management, Employee Engagement, Community Relations

Erika Ananto, MM

Managing Director – EGA briefings
> Event Management, Planning & Programming


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  • Registration
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    • CONFIRMATION of REGISTRATION will only be sent upon payment
    • Registration without payment will not guaranteed until full payment is made
  • Cancellation & Refund

    There will be a 50% charge for written cancellation made 2 (two) weeks before the course date. There will be NO Refund for cancellation received after that period. All approved refunds will processed and issued after the course.