Executive Program in Strategic Communication

– Empowering Strategic Communication to Increase Company Reputation and Gain Public Trust –

– Live Streaming Workshop –

When & Where?

Every Wednesday, 29 July – 9 September 2020
15:00 – 17:00 | one session per day

Live Streaming via Zoom

Investment Fee

All 7 sessions + 1 Free consultation session
Rp 2,000,000

Each session
Rp 300,000

All fees include: registered session(s), digital paper, digital certificate


Leaders of 21st century enterprises are experiencing a rapid change of digital network revolution. The current reality of global integrated society has made it possible for virtualized organizations to build their relationships with investors, partners, customers, employees and other key stakeholders. Indeed, corporations are facing in tougher competition than ever before.

Any organization, either business or institution today are challenged by the following drivers of Change : the digital network, emerging of global economy and the more diverse stakeholders.

EGA briefings’ Executive Program provides a managerial approach to find the best solution to leadership and communication challenges in today’s digital era.

The program is especially designed based on a series of case study and research focusing more on management worldviews on communication as a strategic management function – far beyond technical function as publicity and media relations alone.

This Executive program combines the topics of conceptual development and case studies with simulation exercise enabling the participant to get the whole picture of the concept and the application in reality – for different organizational settings, either government, private or multinational institutions.

Program & Schedule

Every Wednesday | 15.00 – 17.00


  • Session 1: The Challenge of Authentic Enterprise
  • Session 2: Strategic Corporate Communication: Approach and Strategy
  • Session 3: The Strategic Role of Research in Communication Management
  • Session 4: Effective Research Methodology – The ROI and ROE


  • Session 5: The Impact of Digital on People’s Behavior
  • Session 6: Corporate Reputation Risk in Digital World
  • Session 7: The Challenge of New CCO

Workshop Leader

Workshop Leader

  • Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, Ph.D, FIPRA – Founding Director, EGA briefings

Elizabeth is the only one figure in Indonesia who is consistent in developing public relations as a strategic management function. She has been rendering her professional services on public relations to government offices, multi-national companies and corporate world in form of counselling, consultancy and trainings for the last 20 years.

Elizabeth established EGA briefings in 2001, focusing on sharing the conceptual framework, strategies and tips on communication management, public relations as a strategic management function. She initiated Public Relations Week Indonesia in 2005-2014. Later, in 2012 this campaign then substantially and geographically elaborates into the International Public Relations Summit, being the premier public relations conference in the Asian region. She was elected as the President of International Public Relations Association in 2010, being the only Indonesian for that prestigious position. Since 2005, she founded MM Communication – Trisakti University. In 2019, she was nominated to the membership of Arthur W. Page Society, the world’s leading professional association for senior public relations and corporate communications executives and educators.

She strongly believes that only by understanding the Management’s perception on the core values of public relations as a strategic management function, thus public relations can work effectively in any organization.

Benefit Attending

Communication Capability

  • to have a wider knowledge of communication and public relations as a strategic management function to align with organization vision, mission and values
  • to identity and develop communication problems proactively
  • to facilitate mutual and beneficial relationship by building trust with internal and external stakeholders

Organizational Capability

  • to identify the changes in customers’ behavior in digital world
  • to maintain and protect the security of organization data and information
  • to be more alert to organization challenges, risks and opportunities

Individual Performance

  • to have a wider horizon, knowledge and skills needed for a professional
  • to work more effectively and efficiently based on research competence
  • to develop self confidence and be ready for working with senior management by providing data for company improvements in many aspects of interests – financial and non financial in nature

Who needs this Executive Program?

  • Corporate Executives in strategic level
  • Senior Managers in corporate level
  • Mid level Managers who are working with Senior Management
  • Experienced individuals who want to deepen the understanding of strategic communication


Since 2001, we have been assisting many companies in developing our clients’ internal potential to stay ahead of their competitors. One of the way is through Training and Coaching, where it develops the skills and competencies on certain communication aspects by exchanging information and giving alternate advice to get the maximum result.

Are you thinking of having this course in your company or your group? Email Erika at info@egabriefings.com

About Instructors

Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto Ph.D, FIPRA

Founding Director – EGA briefings
Program Coordinator – MM Communication, Trisakti University
> Public Relations Management, Corporate Communication, Research and Communication Audit

Arif Budisusilo, MM

Operation Director – Bisnis Indonesia
> Media Relations, Social Media

Is Nugroho, MHRM

Senior Lecturer – MM Communication, Trisakti University
> Public Relations, Human Resource Management, Employee Engagement, Community Relations

Erika Ananto, MM

Managing Director – EGA briefings
> Event Management, Planning & Programming


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  • Communication

    Most communication will be mainly provided through email or WhatsApp. Please ensure you registered your email and WhatsApp number.

  • Platform

    The Live Streaming workshop will run via Zoom. Meeting details will be provided on the workshop day.

  • Registration
    • Confirmation email and/or text message will be sent within 1 week
    • CONFIRMATION of REGISTRATION will only be sent upon payment
    • Registration without payment will not guaranteed until full payment is made
  • Cancellation & Refund

    There will be a 50% charge for written cancellation made 2 (two) weeks before the workshop date. There will be NO Refund for cancellation received after that period. All approved refunds will processed and issued after the workshop.